The appearance of the color depends on of your device or screen setup. Contact us if you want to have help choosing the right colour and/or texture.
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Fabric choice
Price Group 1

Xtreme (Camira Fabrics) 

Price Group 2

Fame (Gabriel) 

Price Group 3


Nexus (Camira Fabrics) 

Note (Gabriel) 

Patina (Camira) 

Sprint (Camira Fabrics) 

Price Group 4

Comfort+ (Gabriel) 

Sirdal (GU) 

Steelcut Trio 3 (Kvadrat) 

Suldal (GU) 

Price Group 6

Paloma Soft (Wollsdorf) 

Lift Mereo

Lift B silver/150mm

Lift 4T silver

Lift 4T silver NPR


Lift A silver/150 mm


Footbase 5T


Footbase 5T polished


Castor br. unload 65mm soft fl


Castor br. unload 65mm hard fl

Castor br.unload 65/grey hard

Headrest Mereo Fabric std/COM
Coat hanger Mereo
Coat hook Mereo
Armrest 8T silver (Pair)

Your order summary

Mereo 220 Silver
  • Fabric choice
    EXR009 EXR009
  • Lift Mereo
    Lift 4T silver NPR LI224
  • Footbase
    Footbase 5T FB219
  • Castor
    Castor br. unload 65mm soft fl CA200
Mereo 220 Silver
Lift 4T silver NPR
Footbase 5T
Castor br. unload 65mm soft fl